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Get a girl for fuckdate now

The truth is the vast majority of men look forward to college as a place to met and bang chicks.

I would honestly assess that for the majority of them, their degree is a close…perhaps maybe distant…second reason they attend college.

Unfortunately, however, while the majority of college age women would not falsely accuse somebody of rape, they have been so steeped in leftist indoctrination they are unable to make the connection between this self-destructive ideology and how it ruins their chances of a happy life with typically the only thing that can bring them true happiness—the love of a man.

So it is unlikely this trend will be reversed within our collegiate lifetimes.

And while most men’s college experiences fell drastically short of this, this dream that every high school boy has, will be completely destroyed if the threat of false rape or harassment makes dating women on campus too risky. I simply cannot believe that the majority of young women today on college campuses swallow whole the anti-male, everything is rape, feminist hysteria.