Gharargah maskooni watching online

And if you’re interested in the ads, you may have a surprise in store. It’s true: Some people will be watching the Super Bowl for the actual game on an actual TV.

Here’s your online guide to the matchup in Houston between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. You can join them even if you don’t have a cable subscription or a good signal with an antenna.

Fox has video specials throughout the week on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Fox websites and apps.

Without a headset, you can also view 360-degree video with a phone, but it won’t be as immersive.

You’ll need to sign in with a cable or satellite account to watch in VR.

It’s not clear whether Fox’s pre-game and postgame television coverage will be available through Fox apps and websites.

Even if it is available, it’s possible a cable or satellite account will be needed. If that’s something you need to have online, you may want to invest in an online television package such as Sling TV, Play Station Vue or Direc TV Now.

A subscription will cost at least $25 a month (though weeklong free trials are available).