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Her deceitful nature was even further shown as she cheated on her boyfriend Mitch, who she claims she loves, with his best friend Adam twice, having sex with him.Her selfish and lying nature would show that even at the last moments of her life she only confessed that she was the one who uploaded the video and posted the mean comments online once Laura uploaded the video to Facebook and the latter tried to apologize as a last resort.

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Pick out a smell, a touch, a quirky detail and make it come alive. Frame her as worshipping the cock, her biggest source of happiness.

Put yourself into the story and communicate with your senses.

" At first it seemed Blaire was an ordinary girl with an ordinary life.

She seemed as typical a teenager as her friends with her large variety of online accounts and the way she spoke.

She was most likely killed by Laura Barns at the end of Unfriended, however, as her corpse nor her death is ever shown or seen, it is unknown if she survived or not. She was quite popular at school along with her childhood friend Laura Barns.