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Casey explained afterward that he thought Joseph needed a bit of a “mental blow” to recalibrate. “From my understanding, he wanted to give Fred a shot and you know, give Fred praise. “De Mar’s still hobbling a little bit, not hobbling but it’s still a little bit tender … We’ll see how he feels.” Whether it starts on Sunday or sometime next week, Patterson is convinced there will be a Raptors revival. Since I’ve been here, we’ve had such a tight-knit family, we’ve always battled through everything,” he said.

Joseph accepted the decision, but disagreed with the need for the rest. He went in there, played his ass off, and we continued to go with him. I don’t know why people want me to be like a hater or something, or (sulk). I’m not a hater, nor do I sulk, that’s un-Canadian-like. “Whether it’s a problem within the team, whether it’s us losing, no matter what it is, we’ve always came out on top, we’ve always came out the hole together as a family no matter what.

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Joseph has taken a slight step back offensively in 2016-17 and has done a 180 defensively. Patterson said his sore left knee felt much better, and it will be something he will be able to play through, but it isn’t clear if he, De Rozan, or even Kyle Lowry, who was excused from practice due to the flu, will be in the lineup against the Nets.