How to copy bless from usb to ps3 hdd using multiman exchange 2016 oab not updating outlook 2016

He is going to be getting a new ps3 soon, but I am hoping to find a way to keep him from losing all his data.

I have upgraded the harddrive in my ps3 a few years ago so I vaguely know the procedure for tranfering data onto an external and then puttting in a new harddrive and loading the data onto the new drive.

If you take one out and try to put it into another ps3, that new ps3 WILL make you reformat it.

[QUOTE="vtbob88"]Thanks, I was assuming that it should work as long as the hard drive isn't fried, I just wanted to make sure there was nothing weird that may arise when moving the drive from one to another.

I am hoping that will work, and am wondering if any one else has done this. As long as the hard drive in the old PS3 is not bad all you have to do is swap them out. You can find how-to videos on youtube if you need help. Don't know why the other poster didn't bother to state the obvious, but unless your brother can power on that system and system-to-system transfer from old ps3 to the new one he'll be getting, that old data will be lost.