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I love Sandra, but I’m sure she is dealing with it and has been, in her own, very mature way. But I upset that Jesse is treating marriage so flippantly. Or should I just let Jesse be in love, because this time, it’s different.She’s handled the entire situation with grace so I expect no difference in her response to this slap in the face. Marriage is something that isn’t even available to every citizen of the US yet, and it seems like he’s making a mockery out of it.

I mean, here is a man who last March at the Oscars, dared to watch Sandra, 46, thank him in her acceptance speech (with tears in his eyes!

) while conducting an affair with Michelle “Bombshell” Mc Gee.

The saying isn’t fourth time’s the charm — does she really think he’s going to be any more faithful to her than he was to Sandra?

I’m not only upset on behalf of Sandra, who last award season thought she had a loving and supportive husband, and this award season will now have to deal with everyone constantly asking her about her ex-husband and his new fiance.

James tweeted that he was dating Casey, but quickly removed it when he was getting a massive number of “hate tweets.” Kat Von D recently split with Jesse James saying, “I love Jesse, but he’s horrible in bed.” Kat is now back with Nikki Sixx.