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She called Ghomeshi a complete gentleman and a super hero, but her tune changed with a Friday evening Facebook post.

“I posted comments about Jian Ghomeshi the day after he was dismissed by the CBC where I rushed to defend my manager of 12 years.

From April 16, 2007 to October 26, 2014, when he was fired following allegations of sexual abuse, Ghomeshi was the host of Q, a program airing twice daily on CBC Radio One, and on over 170 stations in the United States over Public Radio International.

Ghomeshi became "...famous as the coolly insightful host of Q, a marquee interviewer with a mellifluous voice that he would tune to the cadence of his guest, fostering a sense of intimacy." In July 2014 the CBC accepted $5,000 from Warner Music Group to send Ghomeshi to Malibu, California to interview Tom Petty, in violation of CBC policies.

I hope everyone can heal from this.” Ghomeshi was also dropped by his agent on Friday.