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I've not seen too much of Nicole, sadly." Perry gushed when asked about what she thought of the F1 professional driver.

She said that she admired him for being a "terrific driver." "It's been a really fantastic season this year, and, of course, Lewis Hamilton has a shot at the title so it's even more exciting if you're British," Perry revealed, "Obviously I'm not supposed to back anyone because I'm BBC but I do have a lot of time for Lewis.

It may not develop beyond those dates but they're definitely tight." And a friend of Scherzinger said: "They're extremely close.

Nicole says he is the male version of her." Scherzinger was said to be “heartbroken and devastated” when she split from Formula 1 star Hamilton in February, allegedly over his refusal to settle down.

auditions on Monday (June 13) in Manchester, England.