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Since then, she has been seen in Freedom Writers with Hilary Swank. Basically, Alexa was too much for high-maintenance Jamie Lynn Spears. At least in season two, there are some times when she is at least tolerable.

The official story was that she was fired for looking "too old". The second actress sacked was sweet Alexa Nikolas, who played Zoey's boy crazy, sugar-high roommate, Nicole. It's not like every three Sundays, it's like one week goes by, new episode, five weeks, new episode, four weeks, new episode… It is well known that I hate Jamie Lynn Spears with all my heart. I feel I waste my time by explaining how bad she is, so simply go find any other article I wrote on Zoey 101.

This was total crap, because she was the same age as Sean Flynn. Blogcritics was one of the first sites to address this topic. There have to be at least five different places I rag on her (including when I blame her for Alexa getting fired). I find as the years go on, she is getting worse rather than better.

One of the main problems of Zoey 101 is the tendency to kick off the good actresses.

Kristin Herrera (Dana) was kicked off the show after the first season.

She has been spotted guest starring on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The season aired September 24, 2006 and they haven't played the entire season. Give Matt and Erin some lines and don't make it a show revolving around her.