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While not mentioned explicitly during oral arguments, those behind the legal challenge to Houston’s policy have made clear that they see this case as a path to relitigate the U. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage.On Wednesday, Mitchell instead focused on asking to the court the provide other state courts with instructions that they are required to “comply with ’s guarantee of equal treatment for same-sex couples.“What authority would there be for a state court to say to the city of Houston or any other city, 'You must stop paying benefits to opposite sex couples'? But Douglas Alexander, the lawyer that defended Houston’s benefits policy, told the court on Wednesday that arguments against benefits to same-sex couples are moot under you also have to extend it to same sex,” Alexander told the court.

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Hickman said,, "It is not uncommon for people to pose as peace officers, they go to the extent where they get uniforms and even paint their cars and stuff and stop people on the street posing as officers."Officials say the only way to make sure your kids are safe is to talk to them about the dangers of meeting an online friend in real life.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson said, "Don't ever set up a meet with somebody you don't know. That is where the danger happens."As for the man who brought his child to the meet up, the child is now in the custody of CPS.

In a rare move, the court then reversed course in January and agreed to reopen the case.

On Wednesday, Jonathan Mitchell — the former solicitor general for the state and the lawyer representing opponents of the Houston policy — argued that did not resolve the question of spousal benefits and said clarification from the state Supreme Court would be helpful in this case and help guide all other state judges.“I believe there are benefits associated with marriage that do qualify as fundamental rights ...

Asked by the justices if there were any other cases where the court “exercised” similar jurisdiction, Mitchell responded he was not able to find another case.