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The presentation concludes with an autobiographical sketch that traces the events, ideas, and toys that have influenced Mc Lurkinʹs career.

Starting with cardboard boxes and tape, moving through LEGO and video games, this high‐energy slide show concludes with a behind‐the‐scenes look at the construction of the i Robot Swarm.

He is a Graduate Student at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Mc Lurkin recounts, “I remember when I was in the 7th grade and saw the MIT 2.70 Design Competition on a Nova special.

As manager of the i Robot Swarm project, he developed the world’s largest swarm of robots and software algorithms to ... I thought, wow, that’s the coolest thing on the planet.” The T. program featured a behind the scenes look at students working in the labs using tools as large as they were to design robots to perform a specified task.

His first robot, Rover, was constructed in 1988, and was quickly followed by many other designs, including the Robotic Ants created at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab for his undergraduate thesis. Our agents can provide availability, fees and all costs associated in bringing out a successful Business Speakers to your next corporate event.