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Online dating is a whole new world for me, but things have changed since my 20's. It's trouble finding women interested in outdoors or ones ready for committment.

I like the idea that you can screen out people before you even meet them (Don't like dogs? Of course to add to his challenges, he's yet another single male engineer in Silicon Valley.

It's a great place for shy people in their 30s to meet someone of the opposite sex. i don't drink, watch tv, have or want a cell phone, am not religious, don't eat garbage or drink coffee.

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Maybe you should tone down the pregnancy talk and pursue some activities that you both enjoy, that don't involve checking out baby strollers. Bob Ya know, I don't know your friend, but as someone who met my husband when I was 33 and he was 29, I have to say I think the reason we got together was because I was ready and I had come, after a long time and a lot of work, to truly love myself and accept that I was fine and happy single.

Once I reached that conclusion and wasn't consciously looking, it happened. Ten years earlier I wouldn't have even talked to him, much less date or eventually marry him.

Or does she want a single unmarried man in his 30s who doesn't have that kind of baggage whom she can start a family with? Just because someone is divorced doesn't necessarily mean that they learned some valuable lessons. Second, just because a marriage ends in divorce, don't assume it was the man's fault.

Women ruin marriages at about the same rate as men do.

Third, it is just an excuse to think that there are no good companions out there. Tell her to pursue hobbies, take time for herself, try online dating, and get involved with things that make you happy.

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