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Every student is an angel according to management and can do no wrong.You will be treated like a second class citizen and ignored, belittled and made to feel stupid. Keep looking, there has to be some good ones out there, I hope.North Korea conducted what it called a “nuclear warhead explosion test” Friday.

[North Korea conducts fifth nuclear test, claims it has made warheads with ‘higher strike power’] Under Kim’s leadership, North Korea has also sharply accelerated the pace of missile testing, with almost two dozen launches this year alone.

While many of this year’s tests have not been successful and there are still many unknowns about North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, there have still been noticeable — and concerning — improvements.

The school has changed management 4 times in 3 years and this will be the second year in a row EVERY teacher is leaving. They lie to the students and parents about why teachers are leaving and they lie to the parents about their children's progress.

They will tell you that students bad behavior is your fault because it is your job to be a teacher AND teach them discipline, because that is why parents send their kids to English hagwons.

Arms control experts have since been poring over photos of the launches released by the North Korean media.