Kumkum bhagiya no porffila

As a result, Aliya, Tanu together with Abhi planned to get Abhi married to Pragya out of revenge.

After the marriage, Pragya got to know the whole situation and for her sister's protection, lied to Abhi that she indeed was in a relationship with Purab, and eventually asked Bulbul to forget Purab, which Bulbul agreed to.

Purab agreed to get married to Aliya as he got to know the whole situation as well, but was unable to forget Bulbul.

He escaped on his marriage day with Aliya to marry Bulbul where she revealed to Abhi that she was the girl Purab loved, in order to save her sister from misery. Aliya and Tanu planned conspiracies against Pragya but their plans failed and bringed her more close to Abhi, leading them to develop fealings for one another.

Abhi and Pragya's boss-employee relationship bloomed into something more and Abhi saw Pragya as his best friend and even something more.

After much conspiracies Pragya challenged Aliya and Tanu that she will bring back Abhi's memory before his marriage with Tanu, she was supported by Dadi and Purab.

In the same arc, Bulbul and Purab got married where a sequence of love and jealousy started between Bulbul, Purab and Aliya.