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Such a facility would "cater to all interests, especially intramurals," Kennedy said. D., library card, meal card, building access card and debit card which uses magnetic strip technology to keep track of students' funds, said Bill Sweeney, operations manager at the Wildcard office.

"We need to restore the involvement of the students," he said. "The Wildcard works out we U: it's convenient and easy to use," said sophomore 'Jim Ryan.

I might add that our new Director of Athletics Gene De Filippo is firmly commit- ted to providing first rate support for broad-based participa- tion in athletics by the whole Villanova communmity , as well as for our intercollegiate sports. In December 1992, Jeff Horton, director of Public Safety; Brian Herrick, parking manager; and 12 administrators from different on- campus groups including the Student Government Association (SGA), met to debate whether there was a need for a shuttle, said Herrick.

I am sure that you have seen, at least from afar, the progress that is being made Qn the \yest Campus student housing project. A plea was presented to the Senate Budget committee for the implementation of shuttle service last year.

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