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Oh, stupid and reckless of me, no doubt, but after the torture I had been subjected to, I simply had to take advantage of a combination that I knew would never occur again.

as evidence of towering genius, we hide a question in plain sight: Why did Nabokov choose to inhabit Humbert Humbert, a pitiable half-mad émigré suffering from acute nympholepsy, in the first place?

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And yet, how close to absolute Nabokov makes Humbert's claim to his own thoughts and feelings!

There are two competing accounts in for why Humbert is a pervert.

The second explanation is clinical, dispassionate, probably true, but so neglectful of the intensity of Humbert's own consciousness as to be repulsive to Nabokov.

Nabokov overcame the worst affliction of all, from a writer's point of view: a happy childhood.

Furthermore, the day will never come when it is not a disgusting book.