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Takako Tonooka, the pseudonym she has used in interviews with the Japan Times, confided in her mother, and the two tried various solutions to stop the attacks.

They bought a stuffed toy which says "Don't do it" when pulled.

In 2015, she began writing about the country's long-standing problem with groping - or chikan, in Japanese - often experienced by schoolgirls on public transportation.

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It would be improper to express anger towards an adult, she thought, and she worried about attracting attention. A man began to touch her, putting his hand inside her underwear. She believes that people saw what was going on, but nobody helped.

Besides, her parents had never spoken to her about such things and how she ought to handle them. Today, Ogawa, a writer and cofounder of Press Labo, a small digital content production company in Shimokitazawa, an inner-city Tokyo neighbourhood, often writes about Japan's gender inequality and sexual violence issues.

started practising saying "Stop it" and "No" at home.

She began to confront offenders, who would then angrily deny touching her. Eventually, she and her mother created a label to attach to her bag, which says, "Groping is a crime.

I'm not going to give up" and features a picture of policemen catching perpetrators. High school pupils, art school students, and freelance designers - many telling her it was the first time they'd thought about the issue - submitted 441 designs from which Matsunaga selected five.