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"Cat and Mouse" (1961) The second work in Grass' Danzig Trilogy, "Cat and Mouse" is again set in his native Danzig (now Gdansk in Poland) during World War II.

The famous Oskar Matzerath only makes a fleeting appearance in "Cat and Mouse," which instead tells the story of a character known as The Great Mahike.

Oskar's story already complicated by having what he sees as two fathers (one Polish and the other a German Nazi), Grass guides us through a world of vaudeville, humor, violence, and absurdity as we follow the triumphs and tribulations of Oskar the lover, dwarf entertainer, messianic gang leader, Nazi brute, jazz star and alleged murderer - and backed up by a outlandish supporting cast of characters.

Tracing Europe's entry into World War II and recovery from it, "The Tin Drum" is a sometimes confounding, but always dazzling novel whose significance has never decreased with age.

He also explains why Grass' political activism was crucial for US writers.