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Begin your lines with a sample introduction to the judges owing to salute our nation - India.

You can follow a dynamic beginning of your speech by saying some wonderful quotes in Malayalam that will prove to set the tone of your speech on a right path.

But then you can [...] I was recently corresponding with my friend Ray Lee who came to the U. I’ve noticed this several times in my work with songs from around the globe.

Explain the contribution of Jawaharlal Nehru as he sets the first stepping stone of Republic nation and therefore the birth of 'Republic Day in India' came into existence.

Next up explain how we celebrate the event every year.

You can also follow Malayalam quotes on Republic day 2017 celebrations to enhance your speech in Malayalam language in your schools.

We are depicting a Republic Day Malayalam Essay for your reference as speech.

It will give an emphasis on well portrayed thoughts of Republic day 2015.