Masturbation session chat

I think it is healthy and necessary to do what we need to enable us to ejaculate.

Watching what you do it very common and helps straight men and gay men alike keep their erection and ejaculate fully.

So like you do I enjoy stroking my very large and hairy penis and enjoy every minute of it as well.

Viagra and Levitra do some good but Cialis has no side effects of which I'm aware Wow I didn't realise there are so many of you over sexed old "Ba**rd's" out there....

I though I was the weardo at 75 married for 45 and we still have sex once a week plust I like of should I say LOVE my one on ME time once a week as well I have been a closeted Bi since 14 or so and get all fired up with male/male oral (anal doesn't cut it as much) and get my ever ready, ever loving fleshlite and lube out have a wonderful session like yesterday, wash her up and ready for the next time.

In my career I traveled a great deal and I used masturbation to keep me out of any outside sex affairs.

I am have had the best sex with my wife in the last 6 years that I have ever had 1 to 2 times a week and she likes oral and masturbation with toys.

Besides, i have learnt about prostate milking and find it a very pleasurable experience.