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Austrians: Two Austrian police officers are seen posing in front of a water cannon in Vienna.

Left, the officer wears the kind of full combat wear used in life threatening missions.

The sight in August of police in camouflage gear, backed up by armoured vehicles and brandishing assault rifles, was a reminder that some American police departments have recently acquired U. Mexican and Indian riot police follow defined escalation protocols that go from verbal warnings to physical constraint, tear gas, water cannon or pepper spray, rubber bullets or baton rounds, and then use of firearms.

police are under pressure not only for the killing of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri - for which a grand jury decided yesterday not to indict the officer - but also for the military-style response to the sometimes violent protests that followed. Afghanistan's police, often themselves the target of armed attacks, are officially authorised to respond with weapons 'and explosives', albeit only after other methods have failed, and no fewer than six warnings have been issued.

London police constable Ben Sinclair (left) poses for a photograph while wearing his Metropolitan Police uniform with a high visibility jacket.