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Then, I went to study abroad in the United States, just before I turned 18, although it was the last thing expected of a teenage Myanmar girl to travel 8,000 miles alone.A couple years ago, when I was 19, I remember arguing with a friend of mine during a walk to the library.Marriage and Relationships As I grow up, I have learned the most daunting concept of all, which is the requirement to fit the expectations of society.

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Recently, however, seeing a lot of people in my social attend to the problem of gender inequality makes me a lot more hopeful and encourages my desire to share my knowledge.

We are on our very first steps towards a feminist revolution, yet we can’t refute that many men and a few women are unhappy with the change.

When I asked why, I was lectured on how girls were different from boys, how “good girls” must not mingle with boys, and how girls must always conform to feminine customs.

I habituated myself to most of these traditions, as I did not want to become an outsider.

But with younger people increasingly reluctant to be inked for fear of ridicule and for fear of the heavy fines imposed by the ruling military junta, Burma's tattooing tradition is on borrowed time and could disappear within a generation.