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After trying his luck with three women, Ondine becomes a background character in a ... See full summary » Joe Spencer, a member of a motorcycle gang, is taking a shower. See full summary » Lacking a formal narrative, Warhol's art house classic follows various residents of the Chelsea Hotel in 1966 New York City, presented in a split screen with a single audio track in conjunction with one side of screen.

See full summary » At a New York City restaurant, the patrons are men, nude but for a G-string, waited on by one woman, also clad in a G-string (played by Viva) and a G-bestringed (bestrung? After his bout with personal hygiene, Joe encounters Andy Warhol's "superstars," who engage him in conversation. See full summary » Viva and Taylor Mead are a married couple renting an extra beach-house to a group of surfers sent to them by a Mr. Originally a twenty five hour film made up of shorter film segments.

" "Fuck" was shown only at Warhol's Factory until 1969, when all four reels that were shot were shown at a benefit for "Film Culture" magazine at the Elgin Cinema on 12 June 1969.

Then on 21 July 1969, Warhol put it into the New Andy Warhol Garrick Theatre where "Lonesome Cowboys" had been playing but was dying "pretty quickly".

It was a shortened version (only the last three reels lasting approximately 100 minutes) and renamed "Blue Movie" to avoid the censors.