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During our last confrontation, he said something interesting "you should be happy that I am doing better/doing less of it". What drives me crazy, is that he puts this happy go lucky, super interesting, everyone's hero type of guy and no one know the amount of hurt he has giving me over his 'addition'. I know that he does not react well with negative enforcement but at the same time I don't want to baby him into being a responsible husband. He is a good husband, never says No to me, let me do anything I want, but I feel he is not comfortable speaking about 'us'.

Online chat with married sexy women

Perhaps, hubby needs a new hobby, or healthier addiction. My wife and I send naughty messages to each other all the time either text, pics or even a naughty video while we are at work or doing something seperate.

I replaced my flrity site with this one, which has so far been very clean, but then again, it's only my first day. Maybe send him some naughty stuff to his e-mail etc.....spice things up a bit.

when you put him in the right spot, by sharing with him only what he has earned, then you will stop being so depressed. once you start to see thigns more clearly, then revisit how you want to handle the relationship. Maybe send him some naughty stuff to his e-mail etc.....spice things up a bit.

I can't believe that someone else is going through this. Have you ever bought any costumes, or done some naughty photo shoots with your husband? I love to look at hot women, I love to flirt and be a bit naughty. Sometimes the way to a man's heart is with a naughty wife in a black nightie.

I have expressed many time how it hurts me and how difficult it was for me to live with his behaviour.