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You'll learn the reasons why we got better than most of the guys who start pick up, improving dating skills or learning how to connect with women.

Basically, how to meet, attract and keep the girl while becoming a more attractive man. This podcast is about finding "the game" and how to stay motivated.

We'll cover answers to questions like: how to tell if she likes me, how to not run out of things to say, how to attract higher quality women, and how to have an awesome sex life. Basically, you are pompous enough to believe in yourself and have the confidence to change your life, but you want do it in a value-giving gentleman way. This is a movement for men who take action to change their lives. - We all go through ups and down especially when it coming to dating.

The Pompous Gentlemen Podcast is where you'll gain a dating edge and improve your dating and relationships. - We give you actionable advice to help you become the man that women want to be with.

We'll explore the whole dating spectrum from pick-up artists to conservative dating authorities to learn how to be attractive to the opposite sex. - A practical look on what nice guy and bad boy qualities work.

- In episode 32, Racking up those friendships points huh?

You hear all the time in movies, TV shows, and from women, that all they want is honesty. Is there a wrong time or right time to be completely honest and genuine?

This is our episode 4 where we go over how to approach, open and start conversation with girls.