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You have a personal, portable, always-comfy pillow! If you're all about health then don't overlook the chubby guys.

Related: 10 Things Only Women Who Date Chubby Men Will Understand 4. Researchers for the found that overweight people (but not obese) may live longer than people that are clinically normal body weight. A study out of Turkey concluded that overweight men with obvious bellies last longer in bed than their thinner counterparts.

The reason we suspended the race last week is with Indiana's loss, I didn't see a viable path to victory.

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Here are 5 reasons you need to give chubby guys a chance. Chubby could mean that person is comfortable and happy, not lazy and depressed., happily married newlyweds are more likely to gain weight after their weddings, unlike their unhappily married counterparts. Practice loving yourself and your lover no matter how much you both weigh.

Ted Cruz, who recently dropped out of the presidential race, suggested that he might be open to jumping back into the fray if Nebraska voters turned out in droves to support him. My assumption is that will not happen," Cruz said .

He went on to add: "But listen, let's be very clear if there is a path to victory, we launched this campaign intending to win.

As a Jew and an exclusively offline dater I did all my market research by using dummy accounts on the sites that mattered at the time: Match and [email protected] I very specifically took full body photos of me on my not-most-awesome day, rather than choose more flattering photos. Also: excruciatingly intelligent, hysterical, crafty and have hair like a mermaid and a fab rack.ā€ And the responses started coming in. And as soon as they got them, communication would fall off or Iā€™d at best, get a very quiet reply.