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That's the only thing he said, I would memorize my lines, I would memorize his lines , if he didn't have his lines I would tell him his lines, I would memorize the whole script (laughs). You would end up laughing to the point you were crying. My biggest challenge on Dallas was to have enough composure to sustain any kind of seriousness.

All we did was laugh, I had the best time on that show of any any show I've ever done. Walker Texas Ranger was so heart felt and family orientated that I loved it.

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So the single woman, the single little blonde April Stevens (laughs).

We did have to get over the fact that I did sleep with JR, he had a little trouble with that. You know one of my favorite moments was being in Austria and we got to to see the Lipizzaners, we got to ride horseback across this mountain , I jumped off, leapt round, spun a circle and started singing the 'Sound of Music' (laughs) Fighting with JR was always a treat, there were so many great moments.

- It was a little low budget feature film for Embassy films, Ed Pressman was in it, he was the executive producer and Louise Lasser was wild and crazy, she was just like her character in real life (laughs).

There was a lot of extreme characters on that film, it was very colorful.

I was so nervous and so excited because these were people that I had just watched, who didn't watch 'Who shot JR`, it was the most famous show ever.