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Local bands are always worth supporting, especially if they are good!

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The issue many Christians face with online dating is being judged or ridiculed by their peers for aligning themselves with a dating website.

Ancient religions is not something that changes or evolves with time or technology - it is what it is.

This will let you both hang out together in a relaxed manner but in a place of worship.

Sports and activities are a fantastic way to stay connected in a healthy environment.

Unfortunately, online dating has been scarred as something that promotes only low moral behaviour.

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    However, it would be nice to check the records are correct and we haven't made a typo somewhere.

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    Here's where you can meet singles in Gaffney, South Carolina.

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    That doesn’t make it right, but neither is wanting to eat an entire pizza while sitting on the couch and watching Netflix all night instead of going to the gym and eating a chicken salad and an apple.

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    It was there that Deanna and Stephen (a dead-ringer for his twin brother) connected.