Promoting and consolidating new or restored democracies Mobile webcam sex free chat no signn no login no paypal

We support the appeal contained therein to examine options for the strengthening of the United Nations support for the efforts of States to consolidate democracy, including designating a focal point to that effect.My delegation is also looking forward towards actively participating in the work of the follow up mechanism of the Fourth Conference of New or Restored Democracies, since it has an important role to play in achieving the goals set forth by the Conference.The movement of the new and restored democracies has made since its first gathering in Manila, thirteen years ago, a substantive and dynamic contribution to the cause of democracy and has highlighted the value of an open dialogue and sharing of experiences and best practices in assisting efforts of states to build democratic societies.

Many people and organizations worldwide, including government agencies and non-government organizations, hold various initiatives to promote democracy on the International Day of Democracy.

Events and activities include discussions, conferences and press conferences involving keynote speakers, often those who are leaders or educators heavily involved in supporting and endorsing democratic governments and communities.

Election monitoring, judicial reform, human rights education, police training, combating trafficking and promoting religious freedom are only a few areas where specific projects and programmes were carried out this year in the OSCE area.

As in previous years, the Romanian delegation supports the resolution before us under the current item, as introduced earlier by the distinguished Permanent Representative of Benin.

We believe that the directions for the future work of the follow-up mechanism, as envisaged by the Cotonou Conference and reflected in the very comprehensive Report submitted by the Secretary General at this session, are instrumental in this regard. Lia Olguta Vasilescu, Romanian Minister for Labour and Social Justice addressed the Security Council open debate on “Trafficking in persons in conflict situations:…