Rachel truehart and nick peterson dating

Right now I’m just trying to get back into normal life and just be me again without all of the drama of everything.

Before a studio audience, “The Bachelor Pad” broadcast its season finale live last August.

It moves to Chris and he apologizes to Blakeley and Jamie and he seems sincere, though there is also the fact that he needs their votes to win the money. And then the most dysfunctional BFFs ever, Jaclyn and Rachel, hug like they’ve never had a problem with each other. Nick says he didn’t set out to “hurt” Rachel, but that’s also another misuse of a word. She keeps talking about how they talked about it and agreed to share and she could’ve done that, but she didn’t. You got played, Rachel, by two different guys and that sucks, but let’s take a minute to examine everything and pull your life together.

*headsmack* The Final Showdown OK, Rachel and everyone else needs to stop calling her a “widow.” That’s gross, stop it. One goes one way, the other the other way, the person who picked Keep wins it all.

They announce that they are moving in together, so obviously she’s been to Portland to meet his son and whatnot. Oooh, they get engaged and it’s all very sweet — a recap here.