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Personally, I don't do golf or tanning, and after 24 hours in which my only exposure to anything Italian is the room service pasta, I'm getting antsy. "Crowds of 50,000 to 60,000 came to watch battles matching gladiators, Christians, and lions," she tells me.

Fearing that I'll see Rome only from the window of my airport taxi, I ask myself, "What's the fastest way to get to know a city? I add: "And Russell Crowe, of course."Please note that in speed dating sometimes the faces run together and the facts get muddled.

We're here to see the Sant'Angelo in Pescheria Catholic Church, which Jews were forced to attend but reportedly stuffed their ears with beeswax to block out the sermons. p.m.

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The sides range from $15-$25 and the drinks are also close to that.

Thus, the total for each of their meals (assuming they each had two drinks) would cost about $100 for a $200 bill.

Noon We arrive in the Jewish Ghetto, where Pope Paul IV ordered Rome's Jews confined starting in the 16th century.

Delicious smells abound, but lunch isn't on the agenda.

We mount the Spanish Steps so I can look out over the city and get my bearings, which, unfortunately, is just a figure of speech. We reach our final stop, the Vatican, which was furnished under the principle: "When it comes to art, you can't have too much of a good thing." A nice touch: When Pope Julius II needed someone to paint the ceiling, he hired Michelangelo. Peter's Basilica, and a couple of other glorious rooms and hallways leave me plenty satiated.5 p.m.