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The Only True way to know when your gun was shipped from the factory is to apply for a Factory letter.

Some models are not as fast selling as others and although a reference book shows serial numbers and list's years when they shipped, it can only be considered a general idea of that model as I have seen some that shipped several years after these books show them to due to a less Popular status or demand for them.

Thankyou, Parallax Bill My Dad just picked up a pinned and recessed S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum.

I can't recall the exact serial number, it's in the N820,000 range.

Due to the main focus of this site on the collecting and shooting of C&R and military surplus firearms in their collectible original configurations, sporterizing topics (ex.

"how-to sporterize", or "hey, check out my cool sporter") will not be permitted in these fourms.

Decoding the serial number on a Smith & Wesson firearm requires some research, as several codes were utilized for guns manufactured before and after World War Two.