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Elegua – is the god of the dead or underworld and is know to play tricks on people and is the god whom protects your home.

Always at the “crossroads” like to be at the cemetery & Funerals Days of the week: friday also Dec.4 th Number:6 Color: red & white, his beads would be 6 red, 6 white Animals: pigs ,roosters, goat, rabbits sometimes horses and bulls Foods: corojo butter, cactus, corn meal, apples, red wine Herbs: pine, plantains, mugwort, apple trees, leeks Chango is the god of thunder but also a lustful god..he’s fire much like the mythic Aries Also an African warrior King Days of the week: friday & saturday Number: 7 Colors: white & blue, her beads would be 7 white, 7 blue Animals: roosters, lambs, fish Foods to be given: sea water, pork cracklings, plantain chips, watermelon Herbs: seaweed, florida grass, indigo Yemaya- is a “Mother” goddess and protects women and children..

There will be an animal sacrifice for this ritual and it’s not cheap.

You’ll be given a “Godfather” and “Godmother” who are people within the Santeria community, They will guide and instruct you as to your rituals and be there for you in time of need.

They know what herbs gives what effects, This is something in the African & Taino culture as well.