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(…) By and large this film concerns itself with the greater philosophy of why groups in power behave the way they do.Within the protective walls of an Algerian hammam, women of different ages come not only to bathe, but to talk.A bold, often abrasive statement about life on the fringes of society in the parts of the country still ravaged by recession, American Honey could have been patronizing or reductive.

Yet something remains - a memory, however faint, of paradise.

It’s familiar territory for Asante — her Belle also used a personal, and true story to shine a light on issues of racism, sexism and colonialism in satisfying fashion — and one she delivers with ease.

(…) Marie (Bejo) is the mother of two playful twin girls (Jade and Margaux Soentjens), and their life together seems to be going pretty well — except for the fact that the girls’ father, Boris (Kahn), is still living with them, although it’s clear that Marie has wanted him out for some time.

Lane gives a brilliant performance that grounds this cinematic odyssey worth every minute of its nearly three-hour running time.

During the female-only hours the women can bare themselves completely, from garments as well as the societal restrictions set upon them. Love, sex, religion and politics are discussed and ideologies clash.