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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. But oh my,....look,'s a new section on top,...."Serious Women",....right next to "Will Respond". Bring your profile up on the screen and then paint over the "Man", write in "woman"Easy peezei will sign off tommorow been witth the site 3 years and really havent gained anything on the site to meet woman and not one date made a few friends overtime there was a time. Could I see a shot with your face out of the shadows?

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... "Lots of great men looking for serious women"Serious women? afew days ago i got a date with a woman on here but i wasnt intrested she lived to far away from where i am i will thanks everyone for the time being and good luck what you seek internet is not my cup of tea meeting woman and its not the way to go to meet woman Nice tan.

I think we all agree, that this Plenty of fish is the best place to fish , and cast your rod. However, if it is this site, (or one of those other sites who are dangling by threads , soon to be gone because we all love it here ,, swimming...... ) my question is.,,, ARE THERE TOOOOO MANY FISHES IN THE SEA!!! Are we becoming too picky now that we have so many choices?

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One can always choose their favourite cove and leave the greater waters be. this is the only way i date, no way for the blind dates or the friend set up,, so i hope this will work........... It's just that with the technology we now have it does make it easier to look for others. Now, everyone is so obsessed with finding the RIGHT one, the one that's MEANT TO BE.

Or you can be selective by being very particular with the bait you use. I would rather think of it as an appetizer before my wonderful dinner! Are we treating others as being disposable because of it? I play a lot on here but I know what I want and am not into wasting anybodies time. Nobody wants to just settle anymore, and keep searching and searching.

Personally every time I've done that I've been disappointed.

It's striking a balance in between going out with anyone who's not a convicted felon to having your parameters so narrowly defined it's like an extensive shopping list. or is it disposable like everything,, slowly and surely is everything becoming disposable? I didn't mean to suggest that there is a better way or not. Seems like the 'rents found the dirl and guy next store, and were satisfied finding someone that they were "somewhat" compatible with, just because they were handy.

we select our options and if the newest selection...