Sedating dog with benedryl eroltic

My behavior modification protocol for dogs anxious of being groomed entails 3 steps:1) use calming aids versus drugs2) desensitization3) counter conditioning We already saw the calming aids, so now let's move on to the process of getting a dog used to be groomed and even enjoying it on top of that.

But first let's look at some basic facts; When drugs do not work, it's most likely because your dog's anxiety is very high -(try taking benadryl if you are terrified of heights, it won't work) When your dog's anxiety is very high it means your dog is over threshold.

Calming aids are simply aids that help your dog feel less anxious, just enough to open the lines of learning a bit.

A calming aid I have recommended to clients often is "Thundershirt".

If you own a fractious dog, you may be wondering what sedatives you can give him to make him feel better being groomed.

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