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Max believes that there is money hidden in the cup and convinces a disguised Caroline to attend the auction.Sophie and Oleg both go to the auction together as a "first date".

As much as the industry likes to pat itself on the back and as much as we love AVN for giving us the porn equivalent of the Oscars, the show must go on.

2 Broke Girls is an American television sitcom created by Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings, who also serve as executive producers. The series stars Kat Dennings as Max Black, who comes from a poor underclass family, and Beth Behrs as Caroline Channing, who was born rich but is now down on her luck, working together at a restaurant in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg.

Final tally for cupcake business venture: $3,328 Max, Caroline, and Andy spend a weekend vacationing in a cabin in the woods.

The cramped quarters force Andy and Caroline to assess their relationship, while Max seeks the company of the gay couple next door.

In fact, it was true and was a misprint in the program." The show received a mixed reception from sex publications.