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Commissioner Kevin Lindsey says the complaint seemed to indicate the company had violated the Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination in public accommodations based on sexual orientation.

To check to see if the lodge treated same-sex couples as Frey and Block had described, the department had an employee telephone the lodge to reserve the wedding hall space as a member of a same-sex couple.

"We met with the respondent and the charging parties and then sought to conciliate this case rather quickly and we were fortunate to be able to accomplish that and get a good settlement for all parties." Paul Rogosheske, an attorney for the hunting club, said the employee who declined to book Frey and Block's ceremony made a mistake.

Rogosheske also said the Le Blanc family, which who owns the club, had been given bad advice.

The issue is not identifying who the perpetrator is; it is rather identifying how force or coercion is manifested.