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After all, there’s nothing that makes a day outside more enjoyable than a good view and a nice glass of whiskey. Now under new management, this Uptown location is a good pick for a relaxing weekend afternoon.

There’s a lot of seating up on the patio, with plenty of umbrella cover and a view of Lake St that runs all the way from Lake Calhoun up to Calhoun Square.

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Located not too far away from Lake Calhoun, it's a solid hangout after the beach, with plenty of sitting and standing room, and even a few outdoor heaters to help stave off some of those chillier summer evenings.

CRAVE is the parent restaurant of Union, which is less than one block away.

Grab a stool and gab with the regulars over hot toddies and Guinness.

Believe it or not, this bar was built in Ireland before being assembled in the states, so drinking here is essentially like drinking in Ireland.

Because summer's a-comin', here’s our rundown of places to hit in order to elevate your season to a whole new level. Union boasts the only year-round, glass-enclosed, heated rooftop patio around town.