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I said I had a better idea than using soap and water, "but you better coach me along 'cause I don't really know what to do," I told him.

Then I worked up my nerve and leaned forward, taking as much of his cock as possible into my mouth.

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As I licked, he was moaning how great it felt, encouraging me. So I did, and he started a slow pumping action, with his hands on the back of my head and his hips pumping as if my mouth was one of the pussies he'd fucked, shoving his dick in about halfway then pulling out again.

I was grateful that he didn't shove it in all the way. As he did this, I hadn't even touched my own dick, but I felt like I could cum right then.

Billy stood 6'3" and was built like you'd expect a quarterback to be--really muscular. Thinking about this was all it took to strip away the self control I normally had when I jerked off. So I ushered Billy and Jim through the newspaper office to the back room where we kept all of the photographs and equipment.

On a number of occasions, he'd been seen slipping serious tongue to some girl right out in the hallways of our school. It was a little dark, but there was enough light to see the pictures. I thought it was really funny how close he was to the truth.

Billy was the quarterback of my high school football team. I was lying in bed, rubbing my stiff dick, when, instead of some woman in a Playboy magazine, I started thinking about Billy. I thought about the muscles I'd seen rippling under his T-shirt and in plain view in the locker room after gym class. I'd only seen it that once in the locker room, but I'll never forget it. He wasn't like one of those 10 or 12 inch freaks you see in porno movies. I decided that what I wanted was to be held by Billy. " Then an idea to keep him around a few minutes dawned on me. "I have a bunch of pictures of you we won't be using in the paper. You can take them with you." If nothing else, I'd get to look at Billy in his sweats for a few more minutes.

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    For whatever reason, be it an aversion to natural selection and evolution, the debunking or explanation of many so-called “miracles,” or a bad grade in a freshman biology class, some Christians cling to the BC/AD system because of the symbolic superiority they feel it offers its adherents over science.