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Brixton Village is privately owned too – there are more and more privately owned public spaces (POPS, to use their inappropriately cheery acronym) in London, from Westfield to Canary Wharf.

As activist Naomi Colvin puts it, "It is a vision of society in which you work and you shop.

He is raging, though, and so is the whole band, through opener 'Tinfoil Deathstar' – Saul is ablaze, grinning, three backing singers give it extra whoosh, the sax player in his red beret adds to the surging fury.

It's quite a thing to have a huge crowd all holding one finger up in the air, singing “Type 1, type 1” in reference to a man killed by government austerity cutbacks - the song is, in part, about David Clapson, an unemployed ex-soldier with type 1 diabetes who died in 2013 after his benefits were cut.

Food that doesn't feed you because you can't afford to buy it.