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The teacher makes Greg sit in the front instead thinking that Greg is a trouble maker for being related to Rodrick.

After school , a school talent show is advertised on TV; in which Rowley sees it as an opportunity to perform magic, and Rodrick sees it as the band's big break. Later on that day, Manny ends up ruining Greg's video game, but Susan doesn't punish Manny because he's "only three".

He's a rude and rather stupid player, but there's something about him so that most people can't hate easily.

If he didn't have his unique sweetness or his charming smile or his handsome appearance, he would have been a target to many people who hate him.

The next morning, Susan calls and says that they will be home early; in which Rodrick and Greg erase all the evidence, but they find that one of the doors is painted on, therefore; they replace doors, but Greg finds out that the replacement door doesn't have a lock like the last door.