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According to Captain Kittinger's 1960 report in National Geographic, he was in free fall from 102,800 to 96,000 feet and then experienced no noticeable change in acceleration for an additional 6,000 feet despite having deployed his stabilization chute.This gave him an unprecedented 3900 m (12,800 feet) over which to accelerate.

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It will continue to fall at constant velocity known as the terminal velocity. For an object to experience terminal velocity, air resistance must balance weight.

An example that shows this phenomenon was the classic illustration of a rock and a feather being dropped simultaneously.

Exceptional skydivers are able to increase this value considerably by diving head first with their arms against the sides of their bodies, legs held firmly together, and toes pointed.

This posture presents a minimal projected area perpendicular to the direction of motion thus reducing aerodynamic drag.

)" On 16 August 1960, US Air Force Captain Joseph Kittinger entered the record books when he stepped from the gondola of a helium balloon floating at an altitude of 31,330 m (102,800 feet) and took the longest skydive in history.

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