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is how you are when you're apart, how you are during your everyday lives that have nothing to do with one another's.

That half is what "Christmas TV" is about, and is from where it pulls all its power and all its beauty.

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-based musicians who make up the band Slow Club, aren't boyfriend and girlfriend? They sing a lot of love songs but not to one another, and so I'm not sure if their song "Christmas TV" is based on any real experience or not, or which one of them it's about, or if it's about either one of them at all. It came out in December, but despite that—and the title, and the conspicuous scarves and sweaters on the album cover—it's not really a holiday song.

That's how long my boyfriend Joe and I have been together, most of that time spent 120 to 330 miles apart as we juggled college and work and grad school and each other. Because I know he probably is.) By now, we're close to being masters at it, but it's still hard?

hard in a way that's both simple and incredibly tricky to express.

A Christmas single, titled "Christmas TV", was released in December 2008.