Sober dating

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(Let’s make one thing clear: Coming over to “watch a movie” in high school was always code for “Let’s pretend to watch a movie as we make out.”We all remember those gloriously nerve-racking and extremely exciting nights.)During these “dates,” you were nervous sober. They’re just more added to the list, and they don’t stand out to us at all.

We can’t help but wonder, if a couple engaged in a completely sober first date (maybe Applebee’s and a movie to throw it back to one of our favorite out-of-the-house teenage dates), would this date actually stand out in a good way?

As daunting as it would be, wouldn’t they get to know one another much better?

If one made the sober decision to kiss the other, they would feel those stomach flips and the butterflies again.

I left the information about sobriety in my bio, figuring that if that was a turn-off for someone, so be it.