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It’s a sad, sad bluesy song from Withers, whom you also might remember from the song “Lean On Me”. Brings back memories of daydreaming about an ideal girl in school, which every guy has done once or another.

I’m sure all the girls have done the same about guys, too. Just The Way You Are – Billy Joel – Back when Billy Joel seemed cool.

Yet at my sisters bonfire for her birthday we were sitting next to each other and 2 days later he tells me "i felt something between us when i was sitting next to you at the fire". I need advice Hi there, I have this guy friend, we have known each other about 3 years at college.

He doesn't talk much, but he loves to do hw with me and have lunch with me.

BUT he doesn't talk much to me, all he did was like ask me if I want to get to lucn together or dinner together, I said sure,... When my washing machine is running (which is located in the garage), my toilets and tubs start to fill up and/or overflow and water runs through the garage. I was dating this girl for 10 months and we are relatively young.

This house was built in the 80's and I moved here in 1998. He has gone through one session of speech therapy that ended this past Dec. Also, about half of our relationship has been a long distance relationship with me at college and her at home.

But catchy love songs or soulful love songs touch the heart more than any lyric can.