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In the podcast, he says that “..going out and meeting people is costly and difficult.Whereas, searching through online profiles can be fairly efficient.” Demand for online dating services is on the rise, specially niche dating networks, and a new wave of mobile applications will bring online dating to even more people.This is an in-depth industry market research presented in a logical and consistent format by Ibis World.

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And since it’s portable, you’ll discover you can use it in a number of surprising ways. You have a full to-do list: write a travel expense report, prepare a presentation, scan a bunch of documents, and prepare the department’s weekly numbers, too.

Use speed dating to get everything done: Spend 10 minutes writing out your expense report, then when your stopwatch says time’s up, move on to the presentation, the scanning, the numbers. When you have several important projects to do at once, your brain wants to think about all of them at once (thus the attractiveness of multitasking).

productive than singletasking, and it actually degrades your cognitive functions across the board. Your ability to assess whether or not you’re actually being productive.

But when we have a lot of tasks that we want to work on at once, our brains freak out.

Online dating communities are a growing industry tailored specifically to users who are looking for a romantic partner, connection, or encounter.