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The two beauty queens, rumored to have been more than sashed bosom buddies, took part in the Tadashi Shoji runway show Sunday morning, doubling as pageant-level arm candy for the designer.Conner continued her tour of contrition clad in a vampy black number as her "little sister" wore a short gold dress.PW: Does it make you nervous to put yourself back out into the public eye?

PW: What was your reaction when you found out people like Taylor Dane, Sheila E. Tara: My first thought was that I had no idea who any of them were.

I know that sounds bad, but I’m not good with names. PW: The show is all about writing a country song — typically those are pain-filled, right?

There might be some roommate drama, but it ends up being hilarious.

We end up becoming like a family, with all the typical family problems. Tara: I was working on it, but the thing is, I’m 23 years old. Ultimately I want my book to be of service to anyone because my experiences have been so crazy, but it’s still a work in progress.

PW: So I was a “PP” watcher and I’m wondering what your relationship with Katie Blair [her former BFF and 2006’s Miss Teen USA who tattled about Tara’s drug and alcohol abuse] is like today? She and Josh broke up PW: Well, anyone who watched the show knew that was coming! She’s dating this really cute guy named Doug now and she lives near me in LA.