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The bill mandated the Commission to assist these Indians and state-chartered intertribal Indian organizations in applying for and managing, jointly with the Commission, federal funds and programs and private funds, for improving the health, education, and housing standards of these Indians and increasing their economic capabilities.

In 1979, an Attorney General Opinion, MW-49, declared this bill unconstitutional, an action that was especially detrimental to the Kickapoos.

In 1976-1977 the Indian Commission joined with the Dallas Intertribal Center to form the Texas Intertribal Housing Agency.

In 1975 (House Bill 393, 64th Legislature, Regular Session), the agency's name was changed to the Texas Indian Commission.

An executive director was appointed by the Commission to manage, supervise, and implement Commission policies.

The Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance funds, promotes, and supports quality services to victims of crime throughout Idaho.

The Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance shall be the advisory body for programs and services affecting victims of domestic violence and other crimes in Idaho.

Overview Agency History Scope and Contents of the Records Organization of the Records Restrictions Index Terms Related Material Administrative Information Description of Series Meeting files, 1965-1988, Status reports, 1972-1982, General correspondence, 1966-1989, Legislation, 1954, 1975, 1983-1989, Administrative files, 1958-1989, bulk 1975-1989, Alabama-Coushatta Indians, 1965-1989, bulk 1976-1989, Tigua Indians, 1973-1989, Kickapoo Indians, 1977-1989, Trust transfer, 1984-1987, Sunset Advisory Commission, 1987-1989, Governors' Interstate Indian Council, 1957-1989, Texas Intertribal Housing Agency, 1976-1980, Research files, 1978-1989, Special projects, 1976-1988, Public information, 1980-1989, The Texas Indian Commission was initially named the Texas Commission for Indian Affairs, created in 1965 (House Bill 1096, 59th Texas Legislature, Regular Session) to take over state administration and supervision for the Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation. Prior state administration for the reservation began in 1930, when the state of Texas began making appropriations for it and designated the Texas State Board of Control as the supervising agency.