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However, there are occasions, especially with severe incidents, where a single incident may create a hostile environment.Some things that can be considered in determining whether there is a hostile environment are the frequency or pervasiveness of the conduct, whether the conduct was verbal or physical, whether the conduct was hostile or patently offensive, whether the harasser was a co-worker or supervisor.Myths about sexual harassment deny the harmful nature of its conduct.

This does not include investigation or litigation costs.

One lawsuit, even if the employer wins, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sexual harassment is unacceptable and should not be tolerated in the workplace.

It should be the policy of all employers to provide a workplace in which all individuals are treated On most occasions a hostile environment requires a showing of a pattern of offensive conduct.

A recent federal study indicates that sexual harassment is pervasive, especially amongst coworkers but that only 6% of the individuals who experience sexual harassment file a formal complaint.